Flannel Sheets

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Flannel Sheets

Flannel Sheets  | Bed Linen Etc LLC - Los Angeles, TX

It may not snow often in Los Angeles, but you don’t need a cold winter to snuggle up to a warm bed at night. Bed Linen Etc LLC offers soft, cozy flannel sheets whenever you want them. Made from luxurious 100% Portuguese Flannel, our flannel sheets will wrap you in comfort from head to toe. When shopping for flannel sheets, people sometimes mistakenly ask about thread count. However, the thread count measurement used for regular fabric is not used to measure the quality of flannel. When shopping for high-quality flannel, the measurement to be concerned with is how many ounces of cotton flannel are in each square yard of fabric.

At Bed Linen Etc LLC our flannel sheets are more than four ounces of flannel per square yard, and our luxurious fabrics are imported from Portugal. They are available in four rich, solid colors, and four beautiful patterns. As always, we offer a complimentary sample swatch of the fabric you choose, so you can be sure the fabric you are ordering is the perfect choice for your bedding needs.

Outfit your bed in the softest of soft flannel sheets from Bed Linen Etc LLC and get your best night’s sleep every night.